Color Your Heart

Color Your Heart

Say what you will about Valentine’s Day but our hearts melt when we see young kids exchange Valentines with their classmates. We found a great idea on the interwebs and gave it a whirl this weekend.

If you’re looking to step up your kid’s classroom Valentine’s Day, get rid of all the broken crayons in your house and genuinely have some fun doing it- this project might be for your family. In place of candy, we created multi-colored crayon hearts as a treat to accompany classroom Valentine’s this year. It’s simple and, depending on the age of your kids and the number of crayons you’re making, can take an hour or so to make.

Here’s what you need: All the broken, miscellaneous, off-brand, restaurant-take-home, found under the couch crayons you can find. Silicon heart molds. Really, any silicon mold. Get creative. Only have silicon ice cube trays- your Valentine can read, “Your friendship is the building blocks to a colorful future.” Or something sweeter than that. Regular cookie sheet

Here are the steps: Pre-heat your oven to 200°F. Have you kids collect all the misfit crayons. Then go collect more yourself- they never get them all. Peel the paper off the crayons that still have the wrapper on them.

To make this easier, parents can use a knife or razor on the wrappers to make the job go faster. Ask the kids to break all the crayons into various sized pieces that will fit into the molds. They’ll love it! Finally they’re able to break crayons and not get in trouble. We sorted all the broken pieces into like-colored piles. This isn’t necessary, but it was fun and helped give us an idea of what colors we had the most of.

Load up the molds. Fill them or even over fill them. When they melt all those little spaces will be filled in to make a big finished crayon. You can make them each one color, or like we did, go crazy and make multi-colored crayons because… why not. We tried to make patterns and thoughtful color design combos. Don’t over think it like we did. The melting crayons have a mind of their own

Once all the molds are filled (or all the crayons used), put the silicon mold onto a cookie tray. This makes it easier to transport and saves your oven if there’s an unlikely drip. Pop them in the 200° oven.

Put the oven light on. For two reasons. The baking time can vary. It can take between 15-20 minutes depending on the various size and types of crayons, your altitude and your specific oven. But more importantly, keep an eye on them because melting crayons looks as amazing as it sounds. Once you can see all the crayons have melted into the mold, take the tray out. Leave them in the mold on the tray for at least an hour. They should be room temperature before the next step.

Pop them out of the mold and voila! Custom multi-color heart shaped crayons.

You can stick these crayons to homemade Valentines or pop them into the envelopes of store-bought cards. Search the Internet for funny or sweet puns to bring it all together.

Cool project to do with the kids–check. Personalize your Valentine’s Day sentiments-check. Upcycle all those darn misfit crayons-CHECK!

Enjoy the 14th with everyone you love.