Healthify Your Work Day

Most of us spend about one-fourth of our lives at work – that’s a big slice of the pie. That’s being said, it’s not a bad idea to adopt habits that might help us work smarter and feel better, in the long run. Here are five tips we love.

Hydrate often

Dehydration can cause dizziness, difficulty concentrating and fatigue – pretty much the opposite of productivity! Always keep a brightly colored water bottle at your desk to encourage mindless sipping. If plain H2O isn’t your thing, stash unsweetened flavored seltzers in the office fridge or toss in fresh produce like strawberries and sliced cucumbers for some added flavor.

Snack wisely

Even if you indulge in office treats (let’s say a donut, muffins, a few cookies, or a bagel) just once a week, the extra calories can add five pounds to your waistline over the course of the year. Instead, stock your desk drawer with snacks that will help you fuel up strategically between meals. Think: a handful of nuts, fresh fruit, nutrition bars and Nourish Snacks. The next time you’re faced with leftover birthday cake in the break room, you’ll have reinforcements. (Try Nourish Snacks’ Coconut Vanilla Granola Bites–this sugar cookie alternative was designed for this very moment.)

Stretch it out

Even just a minute of brief arm stretching is enough to get your blood flowing and boost energy. Increased blood flow helps enhance brainpower, fight fatigue, and rev metabolism. Better yet, become a fidgeter. Some studies show that those who fidget (foot tapping, pacing, etc.) can burn up to 350 calories more per day than those who sit still.

Look away, baby look away

Staring for too long at phone and computer screens can cause blurry vision, eyestrain and headaches. Follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes… look at a spot 20 feet away… for 20 seconds. Stuck in a 4×4 office cube? Consider hanging an inspirational photo at the end of the hallway to peer out at occasionally. Bottom line, give your peepers frequent breaks.

Hit reset

To maximize productivity (and stay sane) at work, it’s important to declutter inside and out. File loose papers, clear off your white board, and cleanse your mind. We like Head Space, an app that assigns bite-sized guided meditation exercises. Mindful meditation can help reduce stress and worry- helping to unleash your brainpower.